Facing Our Current Situation

I ran across an article today that reminded me of  the “ground zero” mosque fiasco that is goin g on right now.

Here is an excerpt  from the article;

“So I must be a democrat? Not a chance, republicans and democrats are simply 2 sides of the same coin, 2 different acts of the same sorry play–a play designed to keep the public bickering about such things as mosques 2 blocks from “ground zero”, or returning God to America, ensuring that all of our genuine problems remain unaddressed. Flip the coin…it matters little which side comes up. We don’t need democrats and republicans, we need a new coin….

Corporate power has spent vast sums to get the people all frothy about “creeping socialism” and Obama’s socialism when in fact fascism seems to be America’s destiny and fate. Fascism and socialism could be considered exact opposites–which reinforces the reality that the American public can be convinced of virtually anything if enough moneypower is involved.”

I find it laughable that people get all stressed about so many minor things. Yet they continue to fail to use their head, investigate, and subsequently think for themselves, all the while ignoring the truly important issues, like the massive debt our country has accrued, the income disparity that has evolved, the unethical political behavior, and the corporate takeover of our government. The ruling class misdirecting the attention of the populace when things get bad is a story as old as time itself.

The full article can be read here.