The US government has become the very definition of a fascist state, ruled by an elite and the corporatocracy. The 1% make the rules for the rest of us, and they break those very same rules without fear of reprisal.

As Glenn Greenwald says, America has become a country of Liberty and Justice for Some.

“Revealingly, the central function of the Constitution as law–the supreme law–was to impose limitations not on the behavior of ordinary citizens but on the federal government. The government, and those who ran it, were not placed outside the law, but expressly targeted by it. Indeed, the Bill of Rights is little more than a description of the lines that the most powerful political officials are barred from crossing, even if they have the power to do so and even when the majority of citizens might wish them to do so.”

Glenn Greenwald

Because of this tyranny and corporate greed,  the power and prestige of the US government is on the wane. For example,  GlobalEurope reports: “Everyone is trying to free itself from American influence and let go of a United States permanently discredited by recent events over Syria, tampering, the shutdown and now the debt ceiling. The legendary US power is now no more than a nuisance and the world has understood that it’s time to de-Americanize.”

It is time for Americans to educate themselves about their government and what it has become. This blog tries to help by posting opinions, articles, and resources.